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Roof Inspections

Prioritize your roof’s durability with regular roof inspections from JC Services! Roof inspections are crucial for a healthy home, and our team’s attention to detail is unmatched. After over 20 years in the roofing industry, we know what signs to look for during the inspection and how to solve any issue presented. We streamline the inspection process to eliminate oversight and promote efficiency. At JC Services, we care about your home and use our expertise to expand its lifespan. Put your roof in our capable hands and schedule your roof inspection today! 

The Critical Role of the Roof Inspection

The roof plays a key role in your home. It preserves the home’s energy efficiency and acts as a protective shield against potential hazards. However, the roof is also the most vulnerable component of your home due to its direct exposure to inclement weather and other sources of damage. Routine inspection is crucial to maintain the roof’s structural integrity. 

The purpose of the roof inspection is to ensure that the structure is in the best shape possible. Our highly trained team will analyze your roof and search for early warning signs of damage. Recognizing any problems early on will minimize their impact. If we identify any problems in your roof, we will act quickly to rectify the damage before it worsens. JC Services will help you choose the best course of action to fix your roof. From repair to replacement, we know how to strengthen every component of your roof with meticulous precision. 

Our Inspection Process

A roof inspection should be scheduled on a routine basis, not just when an issue is spotted. We systematize our roof inspection process to enhance efficiency for our customers and ensure accurate results. 

The first step is to check for any signs of damage or irregularities in the structure. Our team starts at the perimeter and works their way around your house. Each detail is noted and documented with photographic evidence. All roofing components are inspected, but the most significant elements to note are the shingles. We check for any loose, missing, or damaged shingles on your roof. Often, algae growth is a source of shingle or granular loss. Our team checks for any early signs of algae development to prevent future shingle damage. Additionally, we survey the pipe boots, chimney flashing, and granules for any failures. 

During the inspection, the primary goal is to visually investigate the area and establish the next step. Workers are encouraged to be diligent, yet delicate, to protect the roof. Action isn’t taken to fix the issue until the inspection concludes, a plan is chosen, and the customer schedules the repair work. Each stage of the inspection is significant. Our team works carefully to analyze all components of your roof and keep the structure robust. 

Is your roof showing signs of damage? We have the skills, experience, and insight you need to fix any roofing issue. Our team will keep your roof thriving for years to come! Contact us today at (410) 721-8105, email us at [email protected], or fill out our contact form below.