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Are you ready to take your home to the next level? A beautiful skylight holds the key to unlock your home’s potential. Skylights add a modern flair to the design and optimize natural light to increase the market value of the home. Radiating layers of sunlight will brighten the aesthetic and uplift your mood. From heightened visibility to improved air quality, there are numerous benefits to skylight installation. Discover the many benefits today with expert assistance from JC Services! The JC Services team has the skills, expertise, and resources you need to upgrade your home. We install top-notch skylights from a reputable manufacturer, VELUX, and operate with strict attention to detail in every service. 

We Install VELUX Skylights to Upgrade your Home

At JC Services, superb quality defines the customer experience. All products and materials that we use must adhere to strict quality guidelines, and skylights are no exception to this rule. We install premium skylights from a trusted manufacturer, VELUX, to ensure the best results for our customers. 

VELUX shares our commitment to excellence and consistently generates first-rate products and accessories. Our partnership with VELUX gives customers access to a wider range of skylight styles and innovative skylight features to complement their homes. From solar-powered to electric, your options are limitless! Together, JC Services and VELUX take your home to the next level with beautiful skylight installation.

Skylight Styles: Fixed vs “Fresh Air” 

We install beautiful VELUX skylights that illuminate your home. Our skylights are available in a variety of styles to accommodate any roof configuration, house design, or customer preference. Often, VELUX skylights are split into two categories: Fixed or “Fresh Air.” We also offer VELUX SkyMax skylights, flat roof skylights, and E-Class Skylights. 

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are deck mounted and cannot open. This skylight style is perfect for brightening dark, narrow spaces such as stairwells or hallways. Filling the room with sunlight will beautify the aesthetic and make the area appear more spacious. VELUX fixed skylights are available in up to 12 different sizes and range from zero to sixty-degree roof pitches. Control the light level on your fixed skylight with custom-built blinds. The fixed skylights reduce outside noise with quiet glass and offer a “No Leak Promise” upon installation. 

“Fresh Air” Skylights

Proper ventilation is essential for a healthy home. We install VELUX “Fresh Air” skylights to foster your well-being with increased airflow and sunshine. These skylights are available for both curb and deck installation. Unlike fixed skylights, “Fresh Air” skylights open and close to stimulate natural airflow.

VELUX “Fresh Air” skylights branch off into three distinct classifications:

  • Solar-Powered
  • Electric
  • Manual

Each skylight type varies in its features and control system. For example, solar-powered skylights open and close the window using power from the sun. It captures daylight in a solar panel and uses that energy to power the controls. On the other hand, electric “Fresh Air” skylights operate by remote control. These skylights even feature an innovative rain sensor that automatically closes the skylight when inclement weather is detected. Manual skylights open with control rods. 

Skylight Mounting Options: Curb vs Deck

After you’ve selected your skylight style, our expert team will mount it to your roof using one of two installation types. Which mounting technique best suits your distinct roof? Skylights can be either curb- mounted or deck mounted, depending on the shape and style of the roof. Flat roofs with a 60-degree pitch are best suited for curb mounted skylight installation. In this process, our installers will build around an opening in the roof and mount the skylight to a wooden frame. Deck mounted skylights complement homes with an emphasis on energy-efficiency and a roof pitch ranging from 14 to 85 degrees. During deck mounting, our team nails the skylight to the deck of the roof. 

Custom Blinds to Control Sunlight Levels

VELUX custom blinds are more than just an accessory; they’re an asset. Choose between a multitude of colors and patterns to strengthen the aesthetic of any room. We install a wide variety of blinds with innovative features. Blinds can darken a room for optimal relaxation, enhance the energy efficiency, or provide a much-needed sense of privacy. Some of our most popular blinds include Venetian blinds, light filtering blinds, or room darkening blinds. 

For more information about our skylight installation services, contact us today! Our expert team will help you choose the best VELUX skylight to compliment your space. Whether you want to illuminate a narrow hallway with a fixed skylight or enhance your smart home with an electric “Fresh Air” skylight, JC Services has the skills to bring your vision to life. We install high-quality VELUX skylights in a variety of styles with diverse features. To learn more about the VELUX skylight options, click here: