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Preventing Gutter and Roof Damage this Winter

Preventing Gutter and Roof Damage this Winter

Follow these gutter and roofing maintenance procedures this winter to minimize the damage your house suffers.

Houses get put under a lot of stress in the winter that can result in gutter and roof damage. There can be winter storms that bring plenty of wind and snow that your home has to endure. All of this can cause significant gutter and roof damage to your home. Snow in particular can put your home through a lot, specifically on your roof and gutters. If your roof and guttering aren’t in good shape, water damages can start causing massive problems such as mold, rot, and even structural problems.

That’s why you need to perform some maintenance on your roof and gutters to make sure these problems don’t occur. Follow these gutter and roofing maintenance procedures this winter to minimize the gutter and roof damage your house suffers.

Examine your Guttering

Winter is approaching rapidly, but before it arrives, you should look over your guttering. See how your gutters are put on the fascia. How secure is the attachment? Are the gutters starting to separate from the perimeter of your home?

If your guttering isn’t securely attached to your home, they are susceptible to damage, especially when it starts to snow. You may decide to call a professional to have them properly attached again.

Minimize Roof Damage by Getting a Roof Rake

Roof rakes are handy tools that let you get the snow off of your roof. Having a tool like this at the ready can put you at ease, knowing you’ll be ready for any heavy snowfall that comes your way to minimize roof damage.

You also want to take a look at your roof to make sure that all of your shingles are attached. Whenever you have loose shingles and space for water to penetrate and freeze, you can get significant problems. It’s best not to let water get in and cause damage such as molding and rotting.

Think About Installing Gutter Guards

To make certain that your guttering system is working as it should to divert water from your house and roof, you need your gutters to have no debris in them. Trees that are near your home can drop debris into your gutters and require you to clean them out anywhere between two and four times each year.

Gutter guards are perfect for keeping your guttering free of debris. This lowers how much maintenance is needed to keep your gutters clear. With gutter guards, you can rest easy knowing that your gutters won’t get clogged.

Put JC Services To Work For You

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