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How Your Roof Can Be Damaged

How Your Roof Can Be Damaged

Here are a few ways your roof could end up being damaged and what to do about it.

Your roofing can last for many, many years. But, damage to your roofing can happen at any time. Unfortunately, there are many different ways your roof can be damaged, and most are totally out of your control. However, there are manners in which you can lower the damage that is caused to your roofing. Ultimately, proper routine maintenance can alleviate the harsh damage that can happen to your roof after a storm or other scenario. Here are a few ways your roof could end up being damaged and what to do about it.

Your Roof Could Suffer Wind Damage

A likely reason for roofing being damaged has to do with the weather. Wind is a very common way your roof can be damaged. Unfortunately, strong winds can end up lifting up your shingles. Ultimately, this type of damage can lead to leaving your roofing exposed to potential issues in the long run and other debris. This can also cause problems because lacking shingles on the roof can lead to significant damage down the line.

Critters Can Hurt Your Roof

There are many critters that can lead to roofing damage as well. Critters are notorious for peeling off your shingles. Therefore, critters should be properly removed from your home. But, this all starts with proper maintenance — including regular roofing maintenance. This means, ensuring you have your pests controlled routinely can help alleviate the potential for any critter damage to your roofing.

Debris Issues

Twigs and pine needles are just a couple of examples of debris that can wreak havoc on your roof. From leaves to branches, debris can end up causing a lot of harm to your roof. Unfortunately, debris can lead to excess moisture on your roof. This excess moisture will undoubtedly cause your roof to rot. As a result, getting rid of all that excess moisture is the best way to alleviate debris damage to your roofing. With that said, a great way to avoid debris from falling on your roof is to cut down any large trees that may lead to debris on your roofing.

Ice And Snow

The winter weather can be brutal towards your roofing. Ice and snow can wreak havoc on the health of your roofing over time. After the winter months in the mid-Atlantic, it is critical that you take stock of your roof and examine any potential damage that may have resulted.

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