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What Can Happen If Your Vinyl Siding Isn’t Replaced

What Can Happen If Your Vinyl Siding Isn't Replaced

If you don’t replace your vinyl siding, you could end up facing all kinds of consequences.

Replacing vinyl siding is no fun. It’s a heavy expense, similar to that of getting a roof replaced. Many people may want to try putting off the task, but it’s in your best interest to get a replacement done the moment it’s necessary. If you don’t replace your vinyl siding, you could end up facing all kinds of consequences.

Your Vinyl Siding Can Cause Water Damage

If your siding has any damage on it, or there are pieces of it missing, it’s much easier for water to work its way into cracks and crevices and get through your house’s walls. Water can do serious damage to not just your siding but also other parts of your home, including the interior walls.

You should also keep watch on your home’s exterior for potential warping or rotting that your siding may have. Sometimes, your siding can also develop holes or become faded. If there are bubbles in your siding, it’s an indicator that you could have water that’s trapped beneath it. If you find any of these aforementioned signs, it means your vinyl siding isn’t able to protect your house as it could before, meaning you should get it replaced.

You Have Peeling Paint or Loose Wallpaper Inside Your House

This isn’t something everyone knows, but faulty vinyl siding could actually result in your house’s interior paint peeling or wallpaper coming loose. If moisture can get underneath your siding, it can start affecting your home’s interior.

Something else to note is that you might want to get your siding replaced if you find yourself painting your house every six or fewer years. When you have to paint your house that often, it could mean your siding isn’t performing.

Faulty Vinyl Siding Causes High Energy Bills

Take note if your cooling and heating bills suddenly start rising at an alarming rate. This is another sign that a vinyl siding replacement could be in order. Energy bills can go up due to faulty siding because your house no longer has as much insulation.

Take some time and perform a visual examination of your vinyl siding and see if you can find any leaks. Also, you should inspect your roofing for leaks as well and see if it has insulation or not. If you have leaks, those need to be addressed, and you should get insulation if you don’t already have it. These should help bring your energy bills back down.

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