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How to Protect Your Gutters Against Chilling Winter Weather

How to Protect Your Gutters Against Chilling Winter Weather

To keep your gutters safe during the winter weather, here is what you’ll need to do.

Knowing about gutter protection in the winter is of great help to you. The cold temperatures winter brings can do much more damage to your gutters than other seasons. You have to deal with the snow that piles on top of your gutters, as well as the strong winds that can put pressure on your house. Freezing rain is yet another object of concern, and you also have to worry about freeze-thaw cycles that occur as a result of fluctuating temperatures and variance in sunlight. To keep your gutters safe during the winter weather, here is what you’ll need to do.

Make Sure Your Gutters Are Properly Sloped

This is something that has to get done when you’re installing your gutters. If your gutters are sloped properly, rain is more easily able to drain through your guttering system and towards your downspout. If guttering gets installed flat, the water will end up just sitting there, waiting for the cold temperatures to make it freeze.

Then, new rain will collect on top of frozen precipitation, which only adds more weight to your guttering. You could run into one of two potential problems if you have too much frozen liquid in your guttering system. You could either start dealing with ice dams, or your entire gutter system will break as a result of the excess weight.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

You want to keep your gutters free of debris at all times.  It’s easy to think that there may not be debris in your guttering system, but it’s always important to look. Even if you have just a tiny amount of debris, you run the risk of ice dams forming in your guttering system.

Clean Your Roofing

Giant snowstorms serve as catalysts for the freezing of obstructions in your gutters. If you don’t want too much moisture to pile up, a roof rake is a great solution. This tool helps you get rid of snow that may have accumulated on your shingles. Just be sure that the weather has settled down before you get to work.

Go With Insulation For Your Gutters

If you get roof eaves installed the right way, they can be a great help to you by preserving heat for your roof around the edges of your gutters. If too much heat is able to get out, your gutters could have to deal with ice dams or the forming of icicles.

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