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Signs That Your House Has Roof Damage

Signs That Your House Has Roof Damage

Here are some warning signs that you may have roof damage.

Knowing that you have roof damage is one of the most frustrating feelings you can have as a homeowner. The cost of repairing your roof is no laughing matter, especially if problems become more severe. Fortunately, many roof problems start as minor issues that can be addressed before they get out of hand and put a huge dent in your wallet. Here are some warning signs that you may have roof damage.

Cracked or Curled Shingles

Whenever your shingles start curling upwards or cracking, they fail to serve as protectors to your home. Inclement weather is often the cause of curled or cracked shingles, including wind and heavy rain, but sometimes, friction from tree branches can also be the cause.

Missing Shingles Signal Roof Damage

Since cracked and curled shingles signal roof damage, it should come as no surprise that you have roof damage if your shingles are completely missing. Without shingles, your roof becomes exposed to the natural elements. Shingles have been said to come down during storms with heavy wind if they are fastened properly. Even a single missing shingle could cause severe problems for your roof if you don’t address the issue.

Roof Damage Can Cause Ceiling Stains

If you see ceiling stains in your home, it likely means that moisture is penetrating through your roof and gathering on the interior of your ceiling. Roof stains can be caused by large masses of water piling up on your roof or by simple moisture that comes from climate change between night and day. People who live in humid areas have to be especially attentive since roof stains are more likely in those climates.

Sagging Ceiling

Ceiling stains are often followed by sagging ceilings if they aren’t addressed before long. You may notice your ceiling is lower than before in a specific area. You may also see bubbling or cracking in the sheet rock and/or paint.

Roof Leak

Another more obvious sign of roof damage is when your roof starts leaking. If this happens, don’t just place a bucket under the leak and expect everything to go well. This problem needs to be addressed immediately. Roof leaks often mean your roof is seriously compromised. In most cases, this problem happens because a direct flow of water is coming from your roof, and it has to be fixed before more problems start to pile up.

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