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Tips for your Next Roof Inspection

Tips for your Next Roof Inspection

Here are some tips for your next roof inspection that you want to consider.

Your roof is one of the most critical aspects of your home. It helps keep you warm during cold, bitter nights and keeps you dry when the rain falls. You want to make sure it’s in top condition, so it’s ready to protect you, and having an occasional roof inspection does a world of good. Here are some tips for your next roof inspection that you want to consider.

Why Should Perform a Roof Inspection?

You want your roof in top condition at all times, and you don’t want to be surprised with huge problems that suddenly need fixing. Having a roof inspection allows you to find issues with your roof before they become big problems. If you uncover these problems now, you can address them more easily. This saves you time and money long term.

How Often Should I Perform a Roof Inspection?

Doing a roof inspection once per year is acceptable, but it doesn’t hurt to perform other inspections throughout the year. This is especially true after your house has been hit by severe weather like extreme wind or blizzards. If you want to be safe, you can always seek professional help to determine how often a roof inspection will be needed because every roof is different.

Also, remember that you should always get a professional to inspect your roof for you and to perform any maintenance on it. Working on your roof alone is not recommended, and it can even be dangerous if you’re not properly trained. Before hiring an expert, make sure they are properly insured.

What Should Be Inspected on my Roof?

Things you should look into during a roof inspection include flashings, gutters, and droops. The flashings are metal pieces that cover the roof’s curves and edges. If your flashing is damaged, your roof is susceptible to leaking. Openings in your flashing usually mean you have to reseal them using roofing cement.

If your roof has asphalt shingles, you want a professional to inspect your gutters. If they find pieces of shingles in the guttering, the shingles likely need to be replaced.

Perhaps your roof is sagging. If you notice this happening to your roof, get a professional to see if there’s moisture or rotting. These are signs that those damaged portions of your roof need replacing.

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