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Characteristics You Want in Your Roof Contractor

Characteristics You Want in Your Roof Contractor

A reliable roof contractor will have the following qualities.

It can happen to any of us, our roof being in need of repair or replacing. When this happens, you have to put your faith in whichever roofing contractor you hire. If you’re planning on getting your roof repaired or replaced, you may already be searching for a company that can get your job done. But how do you pick the right company? A reliable roof contractor will have the following qualities.


Any roof contractor worth your time will be properly licensed. They should have a roof contractor license independent of their business license. If the contractor you’re considering is reliable, they will have no problem providing you with all of their information. If a contractor tries to dodge giving you this information or otherwise tells you they don’t have a license, you’re better off steering clear of them.

Insurance Coverage

It’s a monumental risk if you don’t go with a roof contractor with insurance coverage. Getting a contractor with this coverage is a much safer option. For those who offer insurance coverage, make sure that they include liability insurance in case your property gets damaged by accident, as well as workers’ compensation for covering worker injuries should they occur. The best way to ensure your contractor has insurance coverage is to find a contractor that has certification from big manufacturers.


It’s often a great idea to go with a local roof contractor. In addition to supporting local business, your contractor will be nearby in the event of an emergency you may have, such as a last-minute roof repair or replacement. It’s also easier to review the work they’ve done before since it’s likely someone in your neighborhood has had them work on their home too.

Written Quotes

After a roofing consultation, your roof contractor should be able to give you a written quote for the entirety of the project. Be wary of contractors who only try to offer you verbal quotes or who give you quotes on random scraps of paper. If this happens, there’s a chance that the quote won’t be honored when the installation is finished. It’s better to get a written quote ahead of time so that there aren’t any unpleasant surprises that pop up later. Going with a reputable roof contractor is much safer, and they will encourage you to ask any questions you need to fully understand their terms before you sign.

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