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Gutter Replacement vs. Repair: Which is Better?

Gutter Replacement vs. Repair: Which is Better?

We’ll discuss the best times to get a gutter repair versus a gutter replacement.

For many homeowners, gutters are something that we don’t appreciate as much as we should. They often go unnoticed until something goes wrong with them. This can become a problem as time goes on since the weather will gradually take its toll on your guttering. While gutters can often last for years, or even decades depending on the material from which they’re made, this is only achievable because people are willing to put in the necessary maintenance. However, sometimes, your gutters are beyond simple maintenance and repair. Sometimes, you have to accept that you need new gutters. So when should you repair your gutters, and when should you get them replaced? We’ll discuss the best times to get a gutter repair versus a gutter replacement.

Problems That Can Be Solved with a Gutter Repair

Gutters can often be repaired when only one or two areas of the guttering are being affected. When issues appear only in select areas, replacements can be done to those specific areas instead of needing an entire gutter replacement.

Also, if the damage is small enough, you can usually repair your gutters to make them as good as new. Small holes or cracks don’t demand you to abandon your gutters and get new ones. You can clean out the affected areas with alcohol, then use a sealant to plug up any holes you see.

Problems That Require a Gutter Replacement

A gutter replacement is more likely necessary if there are problems throughout your guttering. Unlike smaller problems that might require patching up one spot of guttering, damage that’s found all around your guttering is usually beyond repair. You might find large cracks or holes that are found all around your guttering. The problem should be too great for a sealant to handle.

You might also want a gutter replacement if you can’t get your hangers screwed on tightly. If you can’t get your hangers tightened, no matter how hard you try, it could be something wrong with the fascia board. When mold and water pile up around your guttering system, your fascia board can be impacted. This can result in moldy water damage causing your wood to rot and become too weak to bond with the fasteners. Getting your fascia replaced is something you should leave to a professional.

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