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Signs That You Have Clogged Gutters

Signs That You Have Clogged Gutters

These are the signs you’ll notice that tell you if you have clogged gutters.

Gutters might not be the first thing on your mind when you think about things that can have a great impact on your house. But the truth is that clogged gutters can be a serious problem for your home. Clogged gutters don’t filter water away from your yard like fully functional gutters do. Instead, water piles up near your house, which can cause damage to your structure and foundation. You could have to deal with mold or basement flooding. It’s important to detect clogged guttering as soon as possible to minimize the damage they can cause. These are the signs you’ll notice that tell you if you have clogged gutters.

You See Birds or Pests Around Your Roof

Birds could possibly see clogged guttering as the perfect place to set up a nest. There could be foliage that serves as a great foundation for birds to shelter their young. Birds and pests can make it even harder for water to pass through your gutters, so it’s important to keep them away.

Water Spills Over the Sides

Gutters will help water flow away from your house when they are working as they should. However, when they get clogged, water can start going over the sides. This can cause significant water damage if the problem doesn’t get attended soon. You might notice your basement beginning to flood. This is a common indicator that water is spilling over the sides rather than getting taken away from your yard

Your Gutters are Sagging

Debris can start weighing your gutters down, and eventually, they will start to sag. When sagging occurs, your guttering won’t be nearly as effective at moving water to a spot farther from your house. With enough weight bringing your guttering down, it could even get to the point that they start pulling away from the house itself. This can cause additional problems if you aren’t quick to address the issue.

Your Siding has Stains

If you see your siding developing stains, it could be a sign that your gutters are getting clogged up. The stains are caused by rainwater that stays stagnant inside of your guttering. If water was running smoothly through your gutters as it should, then the water doesn’t have time to create these stains. But if your guttering gets clogged, the water just sits in them for prolonged periods of time that can cause your siding to eventually start staining.

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