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How You Should Deal with Roof Leaks

How You Should Deal with Roof Leaks

Here is what you can do to address roof leaks that occur in your home.

It’s not a comforting sign when you see water leaking from your roof. Regardless of the leak type, where it is, or when you find it, the leak has to be handled as soon as you can before it causes any further structural damage. Here is what you can do to address roof leaks that occur in your home.

Contain Your Roof Leaks

If you see that water is starting to leak and you see discoloration in your ceiling, it’s usually because there is water piling up on the opposite side of that discolored area. As a temporary solution, find a container such as a trash can or bucket and place it underneath the leak in question. It might even help if you place a board inside of your container. This would cause the drips to hit the board instead of the accumulating water, which deals with the bothersome dripping sound.

After that, try to find the center of the bulge where the water gathers and put a hole right in that center. You can do this with something like an old screwdriver. While it may seem counterintuitive to combat roof leaks by allowing water to flow more steadily, it alleviates a lot of pressure from your ceiling. If too much water gathers on your ceiling, it could cause your entire ceiling to collapse.

If you can say with certainty where your roof leak is originating, use a large tarp to cover the surface where the water pools on your roof. Contacting a professional roofing company can be a good idea if you can’t reach the designated area or don’t feel safe getting the job done yourself. Many professionals include tarping services. Unfortunately, even with professional assistance, a roof that is currently leaking can’t be repaired until the weather is suitable for repairs. Tarps only serve as a temporary solution until you can get a professional to properly address the problem.

Once you get a professional roofing company to deal with any roof leaks you have, they can take a look at both the inside and outside of your house. By looking at the underside of your roof sheeting, a pro can detect signs of potential water damage. It’s not a perfect method, however, which is why you still need to have your roof inspected for damage too.

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