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Roof Maintenance Tips for Summer

Roof Maintenance Tips for Summer

Here are some of the roof maintenance procedures you should tackle to prepare for summer.

Summer is on the horizon, and there’s a lot that needs to be done to prepare for the season. For many people, they may think about yard work, such as mowing the lawn or trimming hedges. Something that may not be on your mind is roof maintenance, but taking care of your roof is important to retaining the structural integrity of your house. The maintenance tasks we’ll review will only take a few hours to complete, but the time you spend is well worth it. Here are some of the roof maintenance procedures you should tackle to prepare for summer.

Inspect Your Gutters and Downspouts

Spend some time cleaning out your guttering, drains, and downspouts. Sometimes, debris can get caught in them, impacting your ability to move excess rainwater away from your home. Once you’ve cleared up all of the debris, try running water through them. You’ll know the job is finished if water runs smoothly.

Check the Roof Valleys

When you’re doing your landscaping, take a moment to inspect your roof valleys because they may harbor leaves and other debris. Blocked roof valleys can hold water and cause roof damage if left unchecked. For these reasons, you want to make clearing out your roof valleys a part of your summer roof maintenance routine.

Inspect Your Roof From the Ground

Take a walk around your landscape at ground level and pay attention to your roof. You should be checking to see if your shingles are getting cracked or dented. Moss growth is something else you’ll want to monitor. By detecting these problems early on, you can address them before they become larger, more tedious problems.

Inspect Your Flashing

Check the flashing near your satellite dish, vents, and chimney. The flashing can get weaker or loosen as time goes on. You want to be sure that your flashing is still sturdy and secure.

Remember Your Eaves

The last part of roof maintenance we want you to think about involves your eaves. Make sure you’re checking underneath your eaves to see if there is any debris. If you see debris of any kind, clean it out. Exercise caution while doing this because birds and insects love to hang out near eaves. You’re only trying to get your eaves cleaned out. You’re not trying to harm any of the animals that are hanging around them.

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