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Why You’re Better Off Replacing Your Siding Than Repairing It

Why You're Better Off Replacing Your Siding Than Repairing It

Find out why you should replace your siding instead of repair it.

Do you have places on your siding that are rotting or are broken? When damaged, it can cause problems for any home. It can result in unwanted water, dirt, grime, and pests getting into the interior of your home. You may be asking yourself if you should try repairing your siding or if you’re better off getting it replaced. Repairing it can seem like a good idea initially, but there are plenty of incentives to getting it replaced instead. Find out why you should replace your siding instead of repair it.

New Siding Means Less Maintenance

A repair can seem like a quick and simple fix, but it is only a temporary solution to your problem. It’s not going to be a one-time repair; you’re going to have to continue repairing it again and again. This is especially true for wooden types of siding that will require a great deal of sanding and refinishing to keep in good shape.

By replacing what you have with brand new vinyl siding, all of that maintenance work will be a thing of the past. All you’ll need to do is use a hose to keep it clean, and you’ll be good to go.

New Siding Results In More Energy Savings

When you have damaged siding, it allows air to get inside your house. This is a problem because you’ll want to control your indoor room temperature. Cold air gets into your house during winter to stop you from getting warm, and warm air gets inside during the summer to keep you from cooling down. This means you’ll need to spend extra money on heating and air conditioning to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

By opting to replace what you have with brand new vinyl siding, you’ll have the insulation your home needs to keep it comfortable without raising your energy bills.

Replacing Your Siding Will Raise the Value and Curb Appeal of Your Home

Additional value in vinyl siding includes making your home more valuable and aesthetically pleasing. It may have a similar appearance to wood, but it is easier to maintain, and it will last for several years. While other people will need to repair theirs constantly, yours will continue to look as good as it was on the very first day. Vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors and styles, meaning you can change your home’s appearance or add to the beauty it already has, all without being concerned about fading colors.

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