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Common Problems Your Vinyl Siding Will Face

Common Problems Your Vinyl Siding Will Face

Vinyl siding is one of the quickest and most cost-effective solutions to an aging, often ugly, home exterior.

When most homeowners decide that it is time to update their home, the exterior is one of the first things they think about tackling. For one thing, updating your home’s exterior provides an immediate boost to both curb appeal and general happiness (seeing your home look beautiful and fresh from the outside is a nice thing). Vinyl siding is one of the quickest and most cost-effective solutions to an aging, often ugly, home exterior. High-quality vinyl siding also provides many benefits, aside from improved curb appeal, including better weather resistance, and it stands up to time and weather like a champ. This wasn’t always the case (and led to vinyl siding having a poor reputation for a while), however, so if you have older siding, be on the lookout for these common issues.

Your Vinyl Siding is Fading

Older siding is prone to fading because the sunlight hitting the house actually bleaches the color out of the material. If you have consistent shade on one part of your house but not another, this could eventually cause an odd two-tone look as some of the siding fades, and the rest doesn’t. While fading is mostly cosmetic, over many years, it will eventually weaken the material, and it could cause cracking, so it is worth addressing as soon as you can.

Your Vinyl Siding is Warping

Changing temperatures makes vinyl siding expand and contract, and if it was not installed correctly, this can lead to warping, sagging, or buckling that is visible and not pretty. When it is properly installed, siding will move slightly to allow for this natural expansion and contraction. If your siding doesn’t, you are likely going to see some warping within the next few years.

Your Vinyl Siding Makes Noise

Your siding shouldn’t be making a lot of noise, so if you’re noticing cracking, popping, or even rattling sounds, it is a clue that something isn’t right. Siding that is installed too tightly might crack or pop during temperature changes. Siding that is installed too loosely will rattle in windy conditions. Either way, it is a sign that you have an issue that is likely to become a big problem sooner rather than later.

Other Damage

Sometimes, the damage that your siding endures isn’t actually the fault of the siding or the installation. Siding can be damaged by objects hitting it with enough force: think hail, rocks, tree limbs, and even baseballs. These impacts can cause dents, chips, and even cracks in the siding. Dents and chips are mostly a cosmetic issue, but cracks could lead to big problems and you have to take care of these problems the moment they arise. Over the years, dents and chips will make the siding look older and more rundown that it should, so those are often worth addressing as well.

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