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Knowing When You’ve Hired a Bad Roofing Contractor

Knowing When You've Hired a Bad Roofing Contractor

Once your roofing contractor has started work, pay attention to what they’re doing and look out for these signs that you’ve made a mistake.

Home maintenance and ownership are stressful, especially when something is going wrong. On top of the stress directly caused by the issue, you also have to deal with the stress of finding a professional who you can trust to fix the issue. Nobody wants to believe that they’ve hired a bad professional to do work for them, and this is especially true around your house since the work tends to be both expensive and essential to your comfort and safety. When the work being done is on your roof, all of these qualities are true. Once your roofing contractor has started work, pay attention to what they’re doing and look out for these signs that you’ve made a mistake.

A Bad Roofing Contractor is Sloppy

A clear sign that you have a bad roofing contractor is if they cut corners and have sloppy workmanship. This could look like a roof that isn’t uniform or symmetric – your roof should be. Another way they might cut corners if to use the wrong fasteners or to apply them incorrectly. The fasteners (the nails) must be the right type and be properly spaced. If you’re noticing stains, especially black stains, it likely is a sign of leaks and a sign of a bad contractor. The major causes of these types of stains are from missing components, outlined in more detail below. Finally, an improperly installed or damaged ventilation pipe from your attic space is yet another sign of a bad roofing contractor. In these cases, your attic, especially your installation, could become damaged, or (in the worst case), you might find that fumes are venting into your attic that could make you sick.

Missing Components

One of the bigger red flags here is going to be that things they should be installing simply are not getting done. The underlayment is one of these things. This is a layer that goes between the sheathing and the shingles and acts to keep the water out. If it’s missing, you will get leaks. The drip edges are another aspect of the roof that might get left out and cause big problems. These are metal pieces that extend out from the roof between the shingles and the underlayment. Finally, if there are any shingles missing, this is a sign that your roofing contractor is cutting corners and not up to expectations. Missing shingles are going to be the most visibly obvious thing for most people, though it can be hard to see the whole roof, especially from the ground.

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