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What Can Happen If Your Gutters Aren’t Kept Clean

What Can Happen If Your Gutters Aren't Kept Clean

Here are some of the problems that can develop when your gutters are dirty.

Your gutters are an integral piece of your roof. They provide extra protection and utility to your roofing all year long, and whenever you have dirty guttering, it can cause significant damage to your property. Your roof and foundation can both be compromised, and the longer you wait to clean them, the worse your problems become. Here are some of the problems that can develop when your gutters are dirty.

Your Basement Will Flood

Whenever your gutters get clogged up, water doesn’t get drawn away from your house anymore. Instead, water will start running along the side of your home. This will eventually result in your basement getting flooded. Flooded basements can cause future problems such as the development of mold in your house.

Foundation Problems

Whatever home you have, whether it has a slab or a basement, overflowing gutters run the risk of harming the foundation of your home. Whenever dirt, clay, or sand underneath your house gets too moist, it can cause your foundation to shift. This results in buckling and cracks. Standing water may cause piers around your house to break apart.

Your Gutters Can Impact Your Driveway

If water gets under your driveway, it can have the same problems as when it gets under your foundation. You’ll start seeing holes and cracks, which not only pose as a tripping hazard but can also harm your vehicles.

Destroyed Landscaping

Heavy rain can easily cause water to overflow your gutters, which in turn can compromise your landscaping. Too much water around your landscape can harm your flowers, shrubs, trees, and mulch.

Dirty Gutters Invite Pests

Standing water welcomes many types of pests to your house, including mosquitos. After they show up, creatures that eat these mosquitos may also arrive. Before you even realize, your yard will be overrun with unwelcome guests.

Dirty Gutters Can Cause Water Damage

Whenever you have water running over your gutters and your house’s sides, it will start to seep into the interior. It can be hard to notice the water is causing damage when it’s behind your siding, inside your window frames, or underneath your floors until the problem has gotten severe.

Roof Damage

Standing water is a sign that roof damage is on its way. Your shingles will start to break down when they make contact with the water found in your gutters. After the shingles go, your roof is next. Roof damage that is left unchecked will spell out serious problems. Your roof will get damp and allow water to get into your house. This can jeopardize your walls and ceilings.

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